I got stuck in in the mud called USAA roadside to pull me out it took 2 hrs just to get to a live person and I was hung up on 5 times and repeatedly transferred around like they had no clue the Avero app is useless
Now I’m trying to file an Insurance claim for the front bumper that was damaged when I ran off the road and USAA keeps trying to blame the towing company whe they weren’t anywhere near the front of my truck here again I’ve spent 3hrs on the phone over 2 days and now they won’t let me take the truck to my favorite body shop saying it’s not in the system
USAA has really gone downhill over the last few yrs
I think it’s time we stop using big companies and go back to mom and pop or local operators
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@mshubat, I am terribly sorry to hear about your concerns regarding your auto claim. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a specialist. They will review your situation and reach out to you. Thank you.

Stuart Parker needs to resign immediately!

In 40 years with USAA I have had maybe 2 or 3 similar experienes.  It;susually a matterof gettinng the wrong person who knows nothing about the paericular area.  You can also get r

Mind you, USAA is far superior and far less expensive than companies like GEICO, Allstate or the others.  I tell people the cost of insurance should be mneasured ion the back end:  getting your car or house fixed.  We will never switch.


Still, in 40 years with USAA we have had maybe 4 or 5 similar experiences.  These things usually happen in the off hours, weekends or in major events like hurricanes or blizzards. 


I n those conditions you sometimes getg somebody working overtime to hep out who knows almost nothing about the particular area of insurance.  I got a really obnoxious kid filling in once who had done an internship in claims, but never worked with customers.  You can also get routed to the wrong organzation and they don't realize it for several minutes because it is simlar to their area. 


I have been VERY DISSAPPOINTED with their new (a few years now?) road assistance / towing.  Here in this 100,000 population midsize town they have a single company contracted with only 2 trucks and when I've needed it, there's only been one driver.  They're always late by a lot because these things happen when it's 100 dergees or snowing 10 inches in blizzard conditions.  Not enough trucks or drivers.


USAA will tell you if there's a problem they'll get a truck from another company.  Then you have waited more than 45 minutes, 15 more as you wait on them to cancel the 1st truck and get another one; then 45 more minutes in which that driver may or may not show up.  I've also had USAA's contract truck show up that was only a road assistance truck and couldn't do a tow.  So they had to go back and get their other truck because of poor communication from USAA,


The website is right now once again a complete disaster.  They keep changing it from a great site to some upper manager's idea of better and they completely trash it.  In fact, the reason I am on the site now is because I got an e-mail to go onto the site for a message in the "Claim Communication Center".


Used to be a link in a dropdown list right on the front page.  Now, right now, not only can I not find any mention of the Claim Communication Center on the home page, there is not even any mention of insurance AT ALL.  No links and not in any of the dropdown lists.  So, I cannot find either that message or my currently active auto claim from a hit & run driver who fled the scene and caused almost $10,000 damage.


I could add that USAA is driving it's own costs way up by not investigating accidents like they used to and like I know some other compoanies still do.  USAA now relies apparently totally on police reports and eye witness statements.  They used to alWays send their own rep to the scene or wherever your car got towed within a day or so.  That person would do a close exam, not just fpor repair cost, for evidence too. 


The police rarely ever do any investigations anymore unless it involves criminal activity.  They go to the scene and write down what they see.  They do not do any investigation beyond that.


USAA also settles over anything. They did not used to ever settle when you were in the right.  3 or 4 years ago i got sideswipped by a commuter bus making a right turn when the guy's entire bus was left of center and very obviously just intentionalling squeezed me against a curb just for laughs.  USAA settled because the driver said I was too far left whem my tires were against the curb,  This guy was the only bus driver I've ever seen get left of center at all making that turn.  None of his fellow drivers ever get left of center at all to make that right turn  The intersection is very wide.  And, by the way USAA, the bus company fired that guy the very next day after he hit me.  But they settled.  The damage to my car was around $4,000.  All of that could have been recovered.


20 years ago, my wife sat in court with a USAA lawyer suing to recover costs from someone who had bashed our car with no insurance.  When our case was next on the docket, the other person's lawyer settled for exactly what USAA had demanded. 


They just give money away now.