My family and I had the worst experience with USAA yesterday. At 4pm, my 2016 town and country had a scary and significant mechanical failure on the highway. The rear axel snapped and dislodged the gas tank and pulled up into the wheel well shredding the tire. I was driving down i70, and was luckily able to maneuver off the highway safely. I call usaa. I was on the phone for 1hr and 15mins just to obtain a tow. I was told to call the rental car company when I got off the phone. I was transferred to 4 different ppl over the course of my call and I explained multiple times I had a 1 year old, 4 year old, and my husband with me and we were stuck 3.5hrs from home and didn't know anything about the area. They sent a tow truck that couldn't transport us. No problem, the tow company took care of everything. Next, I call the rental company on the way to being towed to the shop. The closed shop at this point. I get told all vehicles are booked and instructed to call multiple offices because apparently usaa is incapable of doing this? So after 3 shops tell me they have no vehicles, I call usaa back. I spend another 40mins on the phone and get told that usaa can't help me or my family. At this point we have been abandoned on the side of the road outside of a closed shop with no transportation and no answers. I experienced complete disregard for the nature of our situation. The representatives I spoke with were incompetent, insensitive, and left an active duty soldier and his family on the side of the road with no answers after 3 hours of phone conversations. I pay for full coverage and feel blessed to be alive but I regret ever choosing usaa, as they clearly don't care about their customers, service members, or their families. I am disgusted with usaa and the service I recieved in this emergency situation.


@Alycia c, I am sorry to hear about your accident with your vehicle and the dissatisfaction you're having.  I asked a claims service manager to follow up with you to further address your concerns with the claim.  They will be contacting you within 1 to 2 business days.  Thanks. ~ Robert