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Vehicle was declared a total loss they told me to take it to a shop to get an estimate I take it to the shop to get an estimate and they said it's too low. But earlier today they said the estimate was fine in my payment will be arriving in 2 or 3 days so I called the shop to let them know that two or three days we will have the vehicle to them then I get an email to send they voided the money because they had to investigate some more this insurance company is unprofessional they play a lot of games they don't know what they're doing they play with their customers I told them to cancel the claim and I will take care of the damage myself with my own money and they said it's still a total loss and it still total loss after this last payment switching insurance.they are full of bs.either fix my car or just stop with the false updates.. only thing wrong my vehicle is that it has deep scratches but I was told the shop to fix it by sanding the whole vehicle down to the metal and repaint it that way. Before car is painted the car is metal so I don't understand why one of your representative say even if it's repainted the scratch will still be there. If I knew that they were going to just make a total loss I would never did the claim and fix it myself. USAA is a terrible insurance company and I hope that people see that before they put all the money in this company. I feel like I have wasted a lot of money with this no good company. If they don't know how to do their job I wish they would just let us customers know because I felt like they misled me to think that they will repair my vehicle.... To all USAA customer switch Insurance before it's too late