I am very unhappy with the service i recieved or lack of service! I got approved for a $50,000 car loan (supposed to be good for the bank right) well after my credit check was ran i was told "im sorry but we cant finance this loan, because it is European spec". Are you kidding me i was putting down 65% and wanted only 3 years to pay it off. Usually this is an indicator to give a loan because the bank would make profit off me. Well because of that my credit went down and i refuse to take a personal loan with above 4% interest. The lady couldnt even tell me why usaa wont finance a euro spec car. I had to find out from the personal loan guy (who was helpful) but it does not make sense to me why when you say your here tonsupport military but you have thousands of members who are overseas and you wont help them, i was told the vehicle must have the intent to go to the US. I plan on staying over seas for at least 10 more years, so pile of bull in my opinion plus US spec cars are just a beacon to terrorists. Its completely obvious whos american so thanks but no thanks USAA you just lost out on a loan you could have made profit on (took my services elsewhere). Your auto loan dpeartment needs improvement especially serving overseas military. Maybe find out what spec the car is before running credit, might be a good idea.


Forgot to add i bought 2 cars through USAA and have been a customer for at least 11 years.

Mel_8, I understand how confusing this would be. Please understand that USAA is not able to finance a vehicle that does not meet US Emissions and Inspections codes, in addition to the difficulty in securing the lien on the title. This means, if you're purchasing a new vehicle overseas, it must meet US inspection codes in order for the financing to take place. We regret any inconvenience you have experienced with this process.  Please let us know if you have any other concerns we can assist with. ~Jen