We have have used USAA multiple times for auto loans. We needed to buy a used car for our teenage son to get to work and decided to use the car buying service. We found a vehicle, printed our guarantee and loan papers and took them to Kosher Motors. We are new to the area and when we arrived it was a small dealership that normally we would not consider but were trusting USAA as this was one of their certified dealers. They seemed to be unfamiliar with the USAA process but we purchased the advertised Jeep Liberty from the USAA website and a day -one extended warranty. They also made us do a positive review before we left. We felt that was odd but they were nice that day and had many "certified" vehicles on the USAA website so we rated for that. We noticed a few issues like sticking door locks and rear hatch. They had us return the vehicle the next day for service at which time we asked that they go over the truck completely. It was returned to us the following day. About a wk before our sons return, we drove it to a gas station and noticed the air conditioning was not working well so we decided to take it to a dealership to be fixed. What then ensued were weeks of pure torture that is continuing as we speak. The dealer stated the repairs needed on the truck amounted to double of what we paid for the truck. So much for the guaranteed pricing. The papetwork on the warranty was not submitted correctly and now the issues are classified as pre existing. We went back to Kosher and were told "as is" and this is what it's like buying a used vehicle in Fl and we need to spend more money for a good vehicle. We contacted USAA and were told a complaint could be submitted but might make matters worse for US! Kosher told us to bring the truck to their mechanic which cost us $400 to get released from the dealer, unfixed, to take to Kosher. After multiple unanswered calls and literally having to stand in Kosher Motors to get anyone to talk, they agreed to fix the vehicle. We continued to call our contact at USAA which provided no help. Kosher kept the truck for 3wks and then told us we could pick it up but they will help no more. Immediately both brake lights were out, the door lock was not working and within a week the vehicle overheated and had to be towed to a garage. We are upset we trusted USAA to send us to a reputable dealer and we got anything but. We feel we were taken for a ride by USAA and Kosher Motors. USAA never contacted us back to help. We have a warranty financed we cant use. And now we have to still get a vehicle for our teenage son to get to work in as we feel this truck in not safe and we will be in the "red" because we were led to a vehicle on the USAA website that was not worth what it was advertised for. We dont have disposable income like this and this has truly affected our finances negatively and it seems in the end Kosher and USAA are profiting from our trust.


TravelNurse1 - Thank you for reaching out to us in our Member Community. We're truly sorry to hear about your experience with the dealership and your recent customer service. This is not the service we strive to provide our members. I have located your profile and will engage a subject matter expert to help assist with this situation. Please be assured you will be contacted once we've had an opportunity to review this matter further. We appreciate your time and thank you in advance for allowing us to look into this matter. - Tricia