Worst Auto Loan Experience in my 20 Yr USAA History

I have been with USAA for 20 years.  Have financed multiple cars thru them in the past private sale and dealer sale. Been 10 years since I got an auto loan from them.  Asked for $10k for a $30k purchase.  Got approved for $11k and asked to reduce the loan to $4k to cover additional add-ons to the vehicle I already bought but they will not give me the money until I wait a month to get the title......the car is at the dealer and needs tires and some accessory work. Then they said they need to make the check out to the dealer, not me and refused to change it.......I have bought cars via USAA before and previously had the money deposited right to my account so I could write a personal check. 


USAA is really going down hill for service military members and officers.  They have gone public and have lost their benefit of providing a service to dedicated military professionals.  This is not the first bad experience I have had in recent years with USAA.......it's too bad they dont put more value into their customer's feedback - over the long haul this is going to tear down their business because the got away from the model that made them great. 




I have also seen their customer focus going down hill. I have been a member for over 36 years and this is the first time I feel like I should shop the market for other insurance companies.

Bill G III,

Thank you for your long standing membership. We truly appreciate that you have trusted us to serve you for the past 20 years. Although I cannot change what has happened in the past, I would like to get someone from the auto loan department to review your case. If you could please fill out this form with the information you have provided here we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for sharing your feedback.



** UPDATED LINK: https://www.usaa.com/inet/pages/social_response_form?source=community

Posted my response via the online message system.  Will see what if anything USAA has to offer - too late to fix the loan at this point,  a loan I got from Toyota Credit without any previous relationship with them and I got a loan for up to $40,000 for a vehicle at 2.9% interest!!!!!!!


USAA, a loan for $11,000 at 6.9% but I have been a member for over 20 years, closed several loans with USAA during that time, moved all my banking from other institutions to USAA and this is what I get, plus told that the check had to be made to the dealer while I was sitting at the dealer, when I could have written a check right to the dealer as USAA has had me do in the past. 


So, do the math USAA, why would I wait when the interest rate was a third of Toyota. 


So, help me do a small loan to get the new tires and lets see how hard that is for you.

Bill G III,

Please keep us updated when you receive a response. You can also feel free to email the details you provided to [Removed Link].


Thank you

May I please get the form, you reference in your message?  The link you added does not work. 


USAA quoted 4.5% on a car loan. It took 15 minutes to find a 1.66% elsewhere. As this loan is paid a year ahead, USAA missed an opportunity to serve a 25 year member.

USAA is know all over the internet for having one of the poorest auto loan programs around! Either you have oerfect credit or bust. Sad!

Thank you both for your feedback. I have passed this along to our bank team. Happy Holidays.