On Nov 17th i paid off my car. The check my mortgage company wrote to USAA was over the amount I actually owed. I could not cancel the auto payment for the car payment and it took over 2 weeks to get my over payment back. I just got it today. That is only because I called Monday evening and got transfered 4 times and tbe last person asked me to hold while he transfers me and out me on terminal hold. I was on hold got 30 mins until I finally hung up. I will never purchase another car with USAA and I am seriously thinking about closing my accounts.



Silentlucidity, Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us and bring this to our attention. Member feedback and solutions are something we truly value. I'm happy to hear have received the over payment bank and am saddened that this event has left you tainted and wanting to close your accounts. Feedback has helped us provide different products and improve services for our members . I've shared your concerns with the appropriate area for review and consideration in future updates for our process. Thanks again for providing your feedback and your help in making USAA better for our members! ~Michelle