I LOVE how after 25 years with USAA and paying insurance, I now have NO coverage for a cracked windshield.  They send me to Safelite that costs $299.00 to replace. I called Safelite on my own and it only cost $280.00.  WTF??  They no longer cover windshields..time to move to State Farm!!!


@inflaymes, I am sorry to hear about the damage to your windshield and your concerns with your coverage. I have located your claim and I am escalating this to a subject matter expert. They will review the situation and reach out to you. Thank you.

I can’t believe that  USAA contracts with this company-not that I expect ANTHING to happen by my review other than the empty apologies that USAA ALWASY GIVES OUT.  They gave us an 8-5 window to show up MEANWHILE we have a hurricane barreling towards us that we need to get prepared for..so ok at 9am we get a call from them saying that they will call us when they are on their way ok great... SO  4PM COMES around and guess what NOOOOOOOO call so we try to call the technician VM FULL try to call the office # on the Email NO ANSWER-call usaa get transferred to their "auto glass service" who is OF COURSE Safelite..the rep gets a hold of someone in the local shop (they must have a special # because this shop did not answer my call or my husbands and has NO VM)-then the lady, I don’t know if she realized it or not has the NERVE to say that the tech call us and told us that he was running late OH HECK NO-NOONE CALLED US...I stopped her and told her that was an outright lie and that we only have cell phones and every call shows up on our statement I can PROVE that NOONE called us all day long...so then she  says well that's what the tech said.... SO GREAT now you’re sending a LIAR to my house...oh ok..THEN she says he still has one more person before us-BEFORE he heads south to where we are???????????????????? WHAT THE HECK so basically we’ve been sitting home since 8am waiting to get a call letting us know when he was coming, between 8-5 ONLY to be told HE STILL HAS ANOTHER CUSTOMER ahead of us @4:24PM so what time is this guy getting here 8pm I mean this is totally CRAZY we have been waiting to go to the store to get supplies ALL DAY because they can't communicate our windshield has been broken FOR OVER A WEEK...oh for everyone wondering WHY I CANT go to the store because I can't lift  a thousand pounds of sand into our truck by myself..BUT THANKS SAFELITE YOU GUYS SUCK-This is TOTALLY indicative of how far USAA has slid you use to be a good reputable company but now all we have is bad experiences one after the other and Empty apologies

@Maggie A, I apologize for the experience you have encountered with the auto glass claim.  I asked our claim's partners to research your situation further and to follow up with you as well.  They will be contacting you within one business day.  Thanks ~ Robert.