So I get rock in windshield and usaa will repair but if it needs to be replaced I will need to pay deductible. This was not always the case and still is not with most other insurance companies. If I end up doing this I will pick a new insurance company for Auto and Home and also close my usaa bank account and go with someone who wants my businesses. This was not always the case with usaa but now apparently they are cheap and care only about bottom line and not customers. Have been with for over 15 years this is how you want to treat a claim you use to cover in full. We will see when I call tomorrow if I have a future with you. Thought you cared about military members and family guess not.


@DPC1, I'm sorry to hear your disappointment with your windshield coverage and I would appreciate the opportunity to review your coverage options for future losses that may occur. Please send a private message so I may assist you further. Thank you. -Paula 

Happy I saw this. I was about to file a claim for my windshield but after reading a members comment, I’m skeptical. I changed to USAA and advised my family members to do the same. They are going to be upset knowing USAA doesn’t coverage windshield damages free of charge as other insurance companies are covering. Is it safe to stay or should I go back to my old insurance knowing they will cover my windshield at no cost AND without a penalty.

@ Sixboysonegreat,

Please know that we never want to lose member, and we do appreciate your candid feedback.  Currently we offer glass deductible waivers on windshield replacements in the following states:  AZ, CT, FL, KY, MA, MU (Mutual Policies), MN, NY, and SC.  If you have any further questions or concerns, as always, feel free to reach out to us.  Thanks ~Mike

Not my state though guess you decide who gets better service within your company instead of providing same service for all states. And do not try and tell me you cannot do do to different laws and rules within states as far a windshield replacement. I got of phone with you today and apparently you wish to lose a over 15 year customer that has home , Auto and banking. Maybe when you lose enough of us you will understand that it makes far more business sense to make customers happy while making money then it is to be petty and cheap and lose them to someone else.

Sadden to hear that you want to leave USAA after 15 years @ DPC1.  Thank you for your membership and truly appreciate you sharing your feedback with us.  I will be sharing it with our insurance team for consideration and for further review of your concerns.  ~ Marco

I, too, am shocked to learn about the change in windshield replacement coverage. I live in Washington State. I am a 25+ year member whith USAA as is most of my family as was my father (in fact, he worked there). Please reconsider this change as it no longer sends a message of care and concern to your members. 

State laws control this.   Several states mandate no deductible windshield coverage.  It is a hold over from many years ago when we didn't have the safety glass we do now.    Back then it was much more dangerous to drive with a cracked windshield. 

It really is a toss up: in the states that mandate zero deductible windshield coverage the comprehensive insurance costs more, in the states that consider it like a bent fender where you pay a deductible the overall car insurance rates are less (in a high level look at things, if you're in LA your insurance will be higher than Ottumwa, Iowa). 

That's apples and oranges. having a cracked windshield, in WA state, is a fineable offense. so, yes, it's required by the state to have a clean windshield.


you have the choice to help out your customers with their windshields, but you clearly choose not to. 

Joe, you’re making an unfair argument! I’ve been with USAA for 26 years, and they’ve been incredible with regards to the level of customer service they have provided me during this time.

If you’re not happy with USAA, perhaps switching companies would be in your best interest! However, I don’t believe that you would ever get the level of customer service that USAA has provided its members, and especially the low cost of insurance.

Good luck!