I read a Lot of negative reviews and I feel they don’t accurately represent USAA.
I have had a windshield replaced previously and I have had a rock chip repaired recently. It was an easy process that took me minutes to set up. I paid nothing for the rock chip repair. I paid my low deductible amount for the windshield replacement. USAA has always delivered excellent customer service, Safelite did a great job.
What many people on here don’t seem to understand is that they chose minimal coverage, or a plan with a high deductible. Then they want to complain because the cost of a windshield is more than their deductible. I’m sorry, but that’s on you. You chose the plan. If you chose liability only, don’t expect rock chips to be paid for. Take the time to understand your auto policy and add the coverage you need or want.
Anyway, I love USAA they have always been great. I’ve had them for many years and I will stay with them.


Thank you for sharing your experience, @Queen of house Stark. We're gad to hear of your satisfaction with the service. We appreciate your membership. Tricia

@Queen of house Stark  -   It is great that USAA and Safelite were great when dealing with your claim.  But if you read some of these member accounts, the concerns have nothing to do with deductibles or minimal coverages - it has to do more with sub par service from USAA and some of their many vendors that they are now using.  Many of us are very familiar with premiums/deductibles and know exactly what we are getting when we sign up for our coverages, but the unknown is whether you will get a knowledgeable agent/adjuster/auto body shop/repair vendor to help with your claim.  It didn't use to be that way and that I think is the ongoing issue that USAA is facing right now.  USAA was the Gold Star in customer service for each and every member.  Now they are no better than any other company and charge a premium for their diminishing service. 

BTW - You do know that the rock chip repair does count as a "claim" against your auto policy as it gets reported to Nexus Lexus (I think this is the correct spelling).   In our household, I would not even bother anymore to report a chip in the windshield - I would just get it repaired out of pocket and avoid it being reported to Nexus Lexus.   The agents don't tell you this unless you specifically ask and I have.