Will my insurance go up for scraping a wall?


I recently scraped my car against a wall in my parking garage. The repair will be a little more expensive than I'd hoped, so I'm considering filing a claim, but I'm worried that my insurance will go up. I am a good student (I know USAA takes this into account when calculating insurance for a driver), a woman, over 21, who has never been in an accident. Since this is my first accident, and no other cars were involved, will my insurance go up if I file a claim? 


@ WorriedStudent,

I am sorry to hear about the accident, and I hope you are okay.  To better assist you, please give us a call (800)531-8722 at your earliest convenience to speak with a licensed adjuster.  An adjuster will be able to discuss your options on filing a claim as well as any possible changes to your rates.  Thank you~Mike