I am not happy that USAA once again sent me a refund credit check when I explictly did not request one. It is simply a waste of my time and money, and USAA's time and money. 


As of 02-21-20 I got notice there was $29.68CR on my USAA Auto Insurance. This refund was NOT an over-payment but a refund for being a good driver. Great! I like that. But on that 02-21-20 bill showing the $29.68CR "credit", it clearly states, 


"At this time you do not have any amount owed. An Account credit on one or more of your policies is being held pending account activity. If you would like the account credit sent to you please contact us."


I don't want the credit sent to me! I want the "credit" applied to my next bill as a "credit". If I wanted it sent to me, I would have followed your instructions and contacted you. 


Why give me the option if you are going to ignore me? It is much more convenient for me to just have my next bill credited with that amount. Now I have to visit my band to deposit or cash this check. Know when the last time I actually visited my bank? Last year when you again ignored my wishes to actually "credit" my account. :(


I do appreciate the refund. But if you are going to give your members options, how about following their wishes?


@BillBNe, thank you for your membership and trusting USAA with your insurance needs.  I definitely can understand your concerns about being sent a check and having to go and deposit.  I'd be happy to help review your preferences or if you have a moment, please log into USAA.com to review your insurance preferences.  ~ Marco

That is the first (and second) thing I did. Under My Profile and Preferences > Dividends & Distributions, it says my Subscriber's Account distributions is set to, "Apply to my auto and property insurance bill". 


I just ran through it again and submitted it again. 


Is there more than one place to set this preference? 


Thank you @BillBNe for going in to review your preference's for future disbursements.  I am not sure why it was sent out to you in a mail check.  Do you remember when you previously changed it?  If it was done after December of 2019, it may have not been received in time.  However, since you have gone online and updated your preferences, you should be good from here.  ~ Marco

I don't remember ever previously changing it because if I did, it was likely 25+ years ago. I have not made any changes to my accounts or policies in years. And for years, these credits were automatically applied to my next bill. It is only in the last couple I received checks instead. 


Any way, hurry up and wait until next year to see how it goes. 



You're welcome, BillBNe. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Thank you for your membership - Nick

Well, here we are again. :( Yesterday I received yet another refund check in the mail when I have repeatedly indicated my "Distribution Preference" is to "Apply to my auto insurance bill". I just verified again that setting is still is set to that preference. 


So why do I again get another refund check in the mail? 


It definitely is NOT convenient for me, especially during this COVID mess, to go to the bank to desposit this check! 


And this surely is NOT the most cost effective way for USAA to do business. Paper checks cost money to print, mail, and process - more money that could be reimbursed back to your members. 


I don't get it. And please don't reply telling me to recheck my settings or that you don't understand why I got it. That does not fix the problem. Report it up the chain. USAA is wasting money here and USAA is NOT providing the best, or desired service to their customers. 




@BillBNe I understand your frustrations and have confirmed your preferences are set as intended. We would love to be able to leave any credit in your account.I do want to clarify that policy credit is not the same as the distributions previously and must be handled differently based on regulations through your state. A credit can not be held for an extended period but can be applied to your bill if there is a bill due. If you do not owe anything currently, or will not owe anything in the near future, we must send you any credit to comply with regulations. I do apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your loyal membership and continued trust. Please let me know if I can answer any other question. -Meredith

Bill, I had something similiar happen several years ago.  The issue is that USAA does what it wants to do and doesn't really give a hoot what us members think.  If you are expecting any solid info or results from their social media crew on this site just forget it.