Hello Everyone!! This is going to be a long complaint! So I have been with USAA for about 6 years now and have had their insurance for almost 5. Just recently my husband hit a GIANT pothole and it blew out both his tires and his car completely shut off on the highway. We used roadside assistance to have it towed to a shop since potholes are covered under our insurance. The Tow truck driver removed a piece from inside my husbands car and threw it and told us we needed to get a new one from the dealership because you can't put that piece back in. So we get the car to the shop and they tow it to the Hyundai dealership to have them run a diagnostic bc the body shop didn't know why the car would turn on and shut back off 5 minutes later. After this happened we got a call from USAA saying my husband needed to return the rental vehicle because USAA was not going to cover the damages from the pothole BECAUSE its not 100% DETERMINED that this was due to the pothole. Which is a mystery to me.. because I've driven that car NUMEROUS TIMES and it has never shut off before this pothole. So we returned the rental vehicle and the car sat at Hyundai they said if we paid $1600 they would fix the PCM, so my husband agreed to pay that. Then the vehicle got sent BACK to the body shop to have the rims replaced since they were damaged. NOW, the pothole coverage doesn't cover tires so we had to pay the $500 deductible, $400 for the tires, AND $1600 for the PCM. I complained to USAA and they agreed to pay $792/ HALF of the damage.. since it was never FULLY DETERMINED. So on the 16th of June we got his car back from the body shop everything was good. My husband gets on the highway going about 50-60 mph AND THE CAR JUST SHUT OFF! AGAIN!!!! after having all that work done, THIS IS UNSAFE! So we had it towed BACK to Hyundai and they just called and told us it is the wiring harness now.. that when the fuse box moves it stops sending power to the vehicle. He said it is VERY LIKELY the POTHOLE damaged this seeing as it is on the same side of the damages. I called USAA and said they need to have a technician go look at the car and determine if it's going to be covered and we will be reimbursed. She said 3-5 business days and they will contact the dealership. I asked if we could get a rental and she said no bc it's still not determined if the damage is from the pothole. Oh, I forgot to mention, NOBODY HAS CONTACTED US FROM THIS CLAIM. I have yet to hear from our advisor about this at all. I have left messages i nthe communication center, I have left voicemails and it seems she is ALWAYS out of the office. The only person to contact us has been the manager and she has not responded back ever since the last time we spoke. I AM OVER USAA. After this claim is closed, I am ending my insurance. I found a cheaper company and will even be transferring banks. I do NOT RECOMMEND USAA to anyone anymore. This company was SO MUCH BETTER 5 years ago. NOW it's almost impossible for them to take care of you. Which is their job!


Hi @atlantahope., We definitely appreciate your feedback about your claims experience with us and because of the lack of communication that you mentioned, we will have a manager give you a call to update you on your claim. I was able to locate the claim and I do see we are waiting on a follow up appraisal. Once we have received the follow up from the appraiser, we can properly set expectations on how to move forward with your claim. In the meantime, we will have the manager review your claim and claim communication and give you a call to see how we can better service your claim moving forward. Thank you.