I just called because I would like to auto-pay my car loan on the 1st instead of the 15th.  I was told the only way to do that automatically would be to refinance, but if I wanted to move my payment to the 16th through 28th, they could do that...


That's ridiculous that I can't schedule an automatic payment two weeks early.  Since I've been a member, USAA has always been top notch in terms of customer service.  However, over the last year I have been left dissapointed several times.  So much so, that I financed my new house through Wells Fargo & will likely finance my next auto through someone else.


@gamecock2013, Sorry to hear about your issues with the auto-pay. I am going to submit your feedback and send your concerns to a Bank specialist. We value your membership and appreciate you, we hope to win back your trust with us! Thank you for reaching out to us in the community, and I hope you have a great day! ~Tom