I have bought two cars and one home. I have been lucky to accomplish these transactions, as what I think, smoothly. I went to purchase a new car and as always sales shows its ugly face and I drove away with an undesirable vehicle. To make a very long story short, 20 hours of talk and drive time, I had a wonderful, EXCEPTIONAL, outstanding, terrific, knowledgeable, empathetic... Well you get the point..who spent a great amount of time on the phone with me to ensure that I received the best option that fit my desire and need. Hats off to him staying calm and speaking with the sales manager on my behalf and changing this one bumpy process into a smooth velvety conclusion. I💙USAA


Dear Born in the USA.A, Hooray! I am so happy that everything worked out great and pleased to hear about your positive experience with one of our reps. Thank you for the feedback and sharing with the community!