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I still remember it, the day I first drove my pea green Chrysler Cirrus. It was the ugliest, clunkiest used car, but it was mine and I felt so lucky to have MY OWN means of transportation!


The first ten people to share the story of their first (or favorite) car and/or a picture will get a USAA bumper sticker!


It was 1990 and my first baby was a beautiful black 1984 Pontiac Fiero SE. Sure in look back it wasn’t fast at all and the 4 speed was a little funky, but darn it! It was my little stealth fighter and fun to drive!

@FINRA 3110, I am sure your had a lot of great memories in that Pontiac. Thanks for sharing! -Colleen

My first car was a 1966 Impala.  My grandmother owned it.  I used it in college to get a BBA and MBA.  Then I joined the Air Force and have insured all my cars with USAA.  That started in 1985.  Then USAA changed.


So instead of enjoying my driving thinking that if I had to make a claim I would not have to fight through about 10 phone prompts and then talk to someone who does not know their job, just like every other insurance company, I am looking for another insurance company who does not soak people like me who never make claims and pay their bills on time.

My first car was a 1986 4-door Mercury Lynx. I was 15 and had to learn how to drive a manual, but I loved it. I bought it for $500 dollars with my own money and I was so proud of myself. I actually prefer manuals ever since and wish my car was a manual. It had some problems so I finally got rid of it. My next car was a 1982 Volvo 240 DL 2-door. I love old cars lol. That Volvo was a good  car though and ran 36+ years and was still running when I got rid of it, I now have a 2008 Honda accord LX v6 and would like to get a classic car and fix it up someday. Thanks for reading my story about my first car plus two more haha.

2006 White Ford Explorer; called her Stormi because she looked like a storm trooper.

There is nothing in this world thst would possess me to put a USAA bumper sticker on my car. USAA takes advantage of a technicality to make military members believe they are members of a bank.  After 24 years with USAA I have Liberty Mutual and could not be happier. I have ONE person who I speak to and the longest it has taken to get a response is one hour.  Life is better and less stressful away from USAA.

@kcourto, this is horrible to her that you feel this way. I have forwarded your feedback to a subject matter expert. Thanks -Colleen

Little white boxy 62 Chevy II. Bought for $650 used, in 1969. Unfortunately, my new bride (that same year) needed something more deserving, so we traded it in for a new 1969 Camaro...which we just recently resto-modded...

1995 Saturn SL2, Blue/Green with a sunroof, good little car, except sunroof rusted, and had to keep it shut.