What's the worst that can happen? What's the worse that can happen? What's the best that can happen?

If I asked for help with a vehicle loan, If I know my credit is a 500, If I know I have a extremely good job opportunity, If I know without the vehicle I lose the job and have to accept a much lower pay and only after the covid-19 takes it's toll on our economy, If I know that it will take a much longer time to find another opportunity in the area I live in compared to most places, and I know "No" is not the worst answer they can tell me, then worse case scenario is a "No."

Worst case scenario is a no:

adverb - most severely or seriously.
noun - the most serious or unpleasant thing that could happen.
verb - get the better of; defeat.
Worse case scenario is a no:
adjective - of poorer quality or lower standard; less good or desirable.  more ill or unhappy.
adverb - less well or skilfully.
noun - a more serious or unpleasant event or situation.

I'm tired of the constant bad hands that I receive, but I will continue to do anything and everything within my power be as responsible as I can be.  I hope I don't seem too bad of a person putting it out here like this and I'm not sure who will read this, but I do know the best case scenario that has been continuous for my entire life. 
I have my health and I'm not afraid to get out there to meet any virus or bacteria that wants to test my white blood cells.

How else is my immune system going to get the required training and proper practice?


Thank you for your interest in an auto loan, @Point Break. You may apply for an auto loan online. Select Products, Banking and Auto Loans. Tricia

Hi Point Break.  I'm listening to you.  So what is the job you are interested in?  How much is the car?  What is the interest rate?  Where do you live?

I'm going to try and help you.

I am a Life Skills Instructor certified K-12 in many fields...  Business, Economics, Real Estate, Marketing, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health, English.

I'll help anyone out there if you ask.  Just write and I will answer...  Until they shut me down.  But you have to do your part. 


Start paying attention to the National Deficit.  Start making calls to Stop The Bailouts.  If a company used the Trump Tax Cuts to Buy Back their own Stock... INSTEAD OF USING THE MONEY FOR DEVELOPMENT OF PRODUCTS AND PEOPLE...  then that company should be left with the loss.  Just as if we go to a casino and lose our money and go into debt, so should those companies.  We don't get a bailout.  We can not afford another bailout.  We are $23.5 Trillion in Debt.  And "THEY" want even more.  Trillions More.  $23,579,268,000,000.  usdebtclock.org as of this morning 11am....