I have been dealing with a representative of a USAA certified dealer and it makes me wonder what makes them certified.  

Do they have to pass some sort of standard?


These folks have a car llisted in which they show the vehicle mileage as 20,000 miles below the CARFAX reported mileage.  

They tried to say it was a CARFAX mistake but then backed off from that.  Two days ago I pointed this mileage discrepancy out to them and they still have not changed it on their web site, the USAA car buying service website or other car websites.


I'm just wondering if I should keep trying to work with them so it would help if I understood from USAA what constitutes a USAA certifeid buyer.  I'm also wondering if their have been other complaints about this dealer.


I'm amazed that you still haven't recieve a statement from USAA. I find myself wonder the same question. Please let me know if you get any more information.

Mr_Unfoiiowed, Thank you for your post. If you hare having a concern with a specific dealership you can log onto our website and send a secure email message along with the dealership name and any attachments to us at any time. Once logged on you will see the "Inbox" listed on the right and select the "View all Messages" link. This will open the Inbox and allow you to select the "Message USAA" option under the quick links. This is a secure way to message us with all information you need to send. Once we have this information we can assist further. ~Michelle