What is this?

According to the USAA Annual report, USAA now offers:


"Usage-based, pay-as-you-go auto insurance with rates that reflect the actual miles you drive"


I am old, and I don't drive much, so I'd be very interested in this.  Is it anything other than the existing low mileage discount?


USAA's website does not recognize the above phrase, but it should.  The site returns zero hits when it gets the phrase, and the useless chatbot simply throws up its hands.    Please make a description of whatever this program is available in response to the phrase that USAA used to describe it.  Otherwise, members may suspect there is no such program.



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Hi @Grandpa Charlie, thanks for reaching out and glad to help. You can find more information about our usage based insurance at usaa.com/noblr or connect with our office at #800-531-8722 to see if the option has become available in your location . We truly appreciate your membership and grateful for the opportunity to serve your insurance needs. -Paula