What happened to the easy car buying application


Can't search used vehicles, finding new vehicles is difficult.  Did USAA even research what the customers wanted?  Overnight I can't even search for a used vehicle anymore.  What gives?  Am I just missing something or is it really that much more difficult now?


Hi durramax - It shouldn't be hard to find the search option for the Car Buying Service. Simply click on Products - Car Buying Service - scroll down and click the Search option next to Find My Vehicle - then enter the requested info and follow the prompts. You can also select the USAA Preferred Vehicles link to find the one's that are listed as our preferred vehicle. If you're not seeing these options, please clear cache and cookies from your browser. Also, if you're using a favorite or saved shortcut, type usaa.com in a new browser window. Let me know if this works for you.


I'm navigating using the new layout, and it's very annoying.  I figured it out though.  To get to "used vehicles" how it used to be, I had to find a "preferred vehicle," click on "inventory," and when it brought me to the used vehicle screen I had to click on the "Used" tab at the top of the screen.  Very different from before, and the new unimproved layout makes it more difficult to navigate.  Before all you had to do was click "Car Buying Service," and it brought up a page with two areas for search criteria (New or Used), SIMPLE.  This new layout...annoying.  If I wanted to research, there are plenty of other websites to do that.  Don't try to recreate the freaking wheel, or venture off in to something new.  You had a good, simple, easy to use service, and now it's blemished.  In my opinion.

Heck, half the reason I even have a USAA account was to buy a car using the New Car Buying service.  I've since purchased three new cars using it, but now i'm beginning to consider spending half the day at the dealer negotiating instead of spending half the day trying to figure out the latest and not so greatest update to the website..  Probably end up saving money negotiating at the dealer anyways.  And to echo off a comment I saw somewhere else, please ditch truecar.  It used to offer a great deal, not it's just another way for websites, including USAA to make a little money off the purchase.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to share your concerns in regards to the Car Buying Service. I'm very sorry for any disappointment the layout changes may be causing you. I will certainly make sure your feedback is received at the appropriate department for consideration toward future enhancements. Have a goodnight and thank you again for sharing!

I want to echo duramax comments.  I have been using the car buying service for a number of years and within the last week the layout has changed drastically and not for the better.  The navigation is now problematic and I cannot go search for cars with a choice of new or used like the old layout allowed.  You should really do some testing of new layouts with focus groups of members before you go charging off into the wild with plans made by programmers who are not "normal" system users.  very disappointing

Just another me too comment.

New car buying format is TERRIBLE.

You can't just search for a specific car, you have to start by putting in a purchase price. Looks like if you guess too low the car you are looking for won't come up? Put in $1,000,000 purchase price then filter for Toyota, Sienna and nothing comes up.

Ended up having to go to consumers report which has the same set up that USAA used to have.

daber, thanks for your feedback. This will help us when we review this feature online. Anytime you have difficulty or simply feedback, please do not hesitate to let us know. ~JM

But it's not that simple, and you are asked information that is seemingly unrelated to the search you simply want.

Sticker, Thank you for your feedback about the Car Buying Service. I'd like to share your feedback with our auto team. Can you provide an example of the issue that you described? ~Darcy