I believe USAA is a great company and am fortunate to be able to take advantage of these services.  I believe they claim to help veterans, so I'm at a total loss as to how they support their members with disabilities.  My 8-year-old son is not a veteran himself but requires a wheelchair.  We have needed to invest in a wheelchair van in order to make getting around (to therapy, to the doctor, to pick-up from school, to just live) viable and keep mom healthy.  


The thing about getting a wheelchair van ... you have to pay $50k for a $20k vehicle.  That's a big investment.


So first, I called to get an auto loan.  It took 3 people at USAA before I finally got the real facts.  They will only provide funds up to the amount of the vehicle cost.  So I could get a loan for $20K but on my own to come up with the other $30K.  I thought, that's strange, I would think USAA would have this in-hand to look out for all those veterans that come home with needs for adapted vehicles... but I found an alternative way of paying for the car.


Now, I thought, for sure they would insure the vehicle .... nope.  Again, they will insure the $20K and maybe some additional for 'accessories'.  No where near the $50k we'd be out if something happened.


I am so disappointed.  And even more so because I'm sure we aren't the only family or disabled child or disabled veteran who is struggling to make life work ... and even these basics are so difficult to get.


I hope that USAA as a service provider to our military families figures out how to help not only those who are able bodied, but those who face a few more challenges.


I had similar experiences. I asked for apples to apples quotes for cars and home. Their algorithm is bad or they are greedy. I was always insured through them previously and I have never filed a claim twice the cost of Geico and others. It’s a shame what has been happening.

I appreciate you reaching out @kab9 and have sent you a PM as we are having your concerns reviewed.~ Joseph