So USAA denied my claim on the mustang, i did screw up using their website i believed i had removed it from storage and ten days later i took it on the road slid on some ice and damaged the left side if my car. They did research it on their end with their own people and showed i did make a change to only that car but not change i intended to. For lack of proof of intent because its a website they say they cannot validate my intentions therefore i will not be covered. Been with them a long time house and cars and never submitted a claim. So now im a liar and they are the big company that reviews their own disputes and has their own determination of what my intent was. All done with usaa. So much for suporting or veterans and loyal customers, they thanked even after they denied me. To boot they knew the car was not drivable but put the coverage back on it for the day after the incident. What are they really after loyal paying customers, or just my money.