If you have poor credit USAA wont give you a loan eVEN if you have been a member for 38 years, had loans with them and paid them off. USAA promotes Experian credit monitor but goes to Equifax (the most inaccurate of all three) to check your application. USAA has gone downhill, its ok for banking and insurance but nothing else, very disappointed to know im nothing but a credit score to them anymore.


Your credit history is your financial reputation.  If you don't have a good history of handling your financial responsibilities, then why should USAA trust you to repay the loan.  There are places that will accept the risk of loan money to those with bad credit - USAA is not one of them. 


How is Equifax any more or less accurate than the others.  If something is incorrect in your credit report there is a procedure to have it corrected.

Yeah, how dare the financial institution be responsible and not contribute to the financial collapse we just experienced. How dare they not take unnecessary risks on people just because they have that one auto-pay account that gets paid before all else. Argh USAA, you make us so angry with your lack of high risk investments with what is essentially other peoples money! I used to not like that, then I realized I wouldn't lend me the money if I could either.



I was actually just thinking the same thing.   We just went through a financial crisis in this country partly due to sub prime lending.

I have several products with USAA: auto loan, credit cards, insurance, HELOC. I have also missed a few payments on these products. My credit is bad since I suffered financial hardship recently, yet when I applied for a car loan I was approved. Why? Because in each instance that I miss a payment or about to miss a payment, I would call USAA and figure out a way to get something done. I call them so much I practically have the number memorized. 1-800-531-0263.
I feel you, even if you have a sparkling new credit report they won't approve unless you have established credit and the credit companies are reporting a score I know this is frustrating especially knowing I have a very high pay and pay all my bills on time I gotta wait til I have established credit

Dear Beca21,

I have responded ot your other post here, but wanted to offer an additional outlet to share your disappointment. If you send us a message here with the details of the situation you are describing, we can get a bank specialist to review your account and see what can be done. Thank you for posting.