I recently had a situation where I needed to have my disabled vehicle towed to the dealership for service that the dealership alone could perform ( emissions related ecu program recall) . Like many members I have been paying for roadside assistance for years and not used it much ever before. Be warned that towing is to a location that the third party towing service deems that it should go to. The limit is 12 miles and you must pay the overage. My cost for this roadside assistance is more than a AAA roadside membership that will tow the vehicle to where it actually needs to go. The mileage limits are far more generous. I think usaa is taking advantage of its members with this service. I spoke to dozens of usaa reps including multiple supervisors regarding what was actually covered and had multiple different answers. After great frustration I reached out to ceo customer relations and that’s when my disappointment reached a new level! Usaa just isn’t what it once was! Buyer beware of this scam third party policy that doesn’t fulfill what is promised. Shame on usaa for their handling of this problem!



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