Want to buy a Jeep with car buying service.

I would like to hear other vets experience with the car buying service. What the process was like, did dealers give you a hard time,what should my credit score be,who would i be paying the loan for, and any info you think would be useful. State is NJ.


Also, if USAA wants to drop some info thats cool just keep it honest and truthful. Not a sales pitch line.

Hello and thank you for your inquiry concerning the Car Buying Service. There is no sales pitch to the Car Buying Service because it is optional. The service is available for you to purchase of a new vehicle at a pre-negotiated price exclusive to USAA members. There are also some dealerships who list their used inventory through this service if you are interested in a used auto purchase. USAA's Car Buying Service allows you to enter the type of vehicle that you are interested in purchasing and provides you with guaranteed pricing at a list of surrounding participating dealerships. To find out more enter "USAA Car Buying Service" in the search box at the top of the page on usaa.com. Once you've located a participating dealership near you, you'll need to discuss any trade-in and/or purchasing options with the dealership. The final purchase price can always be negotiated with you and the dealership which could be more or less than our pre-negotiated price. Thanks and I hope this helps! - Darrell

JOG83, I used the USAA car buying service in October, 2013 when I purchased a 2013 Ford F150.  After you submit your information you will get 5 or 6 emails from dealers that participate in the program with their best price for the auto you built via the specs input.  Here's the good, the bad and the ugly.  The good:  You will get a better price via the USAA car buying service as opposed to walking into a dealer and haggling.  More good:  You will get a discount on your interest rate because you used the car buying service (at least I didi).  Still more good: I printed a pre-approved "fake check" from USAA that I took into the dealer to pay for the truck..... nice and fast, just like I like it.  The bad:  You will continue to receive emails form the other dealers that you decided not to do business with.  I finally had to put them all in my "spam" filter to shut them down.  The ugly:  Some dealers will sell or give away your email to mass marketers who will email the bee-jesus out of you.  My junk emails went up substantially about the time I used the car buying service.  Just moved them all to spam.  In about 6 months, it settled down.  Finally, if you apply for your loan on line, you will get another interest rate discount, and if you pay for your loan with an "auto-debit" from your bank account (even if it's not USAA) you will get another interest rate discount.  In the end, your rate could be 1.0 to 1.5%..... which is great.  Happy hunting.

I tried to use the car buying service.  Dealer attempted to add approximately $800 to my certificate and would not sell me the car as advertised on USAA.  I called USAA who took my complaint.  Never heard from USAA or the dealer, dealer still using USAA's website as a "certified dealer"


Buying another car elsewhere, dissappointed the USAA Car Buying Service is not as advertised.

Thank you so much for all this information. I hate having to go to a dealer i wish it was easy like going to a store and just buying it like a tv or radio. Dealerships are a crooked and extreamly wrong way of selling cars. Do the history of car dealerships and youll see how messed up it is. I plan on using the car service but now that I am older and not going to be suckered into a car I will definitely walk out with what I want. I just hate they always add stuff you dont want or need to jack up the price. I wish USAA worked directly with the manufacturer plants to by pass all the dealerships who purposely want to get as much money out of us. They say they support military all they think of us is as dollar signs. Thanks again everyone. If there are any othet tips tricks or stories for this experience I would love to read them.
Dealer are crooks gave them money for extended warranty and have receipt called warranty theirs was no warrsnty. Another dealerthe car was not what was in picture stole my 300