WARNING: Car Buying Service is now a lead generator that apparently sells your info to dealerships

Scott MacLaren
Really disappointed by this and I expect a direct response from USAA. I tried to use the car buying service l, similar to the way I had used it in the past to look up details on some vehicles. Unfortunately, USAA has now changed the service to be simply a lead generator which then sells your info to dealerships. I had 25+ phone calls and text messages within an hour after just poking around on the site trying to get some detailed car info like I used to. Member information used to be held in the highest regard by USAA, now it seems like they’ve tossed that principle to the wayside as they try to squeeze out a few more bucks of revenue. This is a shame, and it is unfortunately indicative of the direction USAA is heading.

Scott MacLaren
15+ year member


Hello @Scott MacLaren, I have forwarded your concerns to a specialist for review. -Colleen

Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I had used the USAA Car Buying Service in 2015 to buy my current vehicle. I was able to poke around and look at many makes and models, modifying options etc and a dealer was never notified until I was ready to move to that step. This time around I was just poking around trying to do the same thing and the next thig I know I'm getting email and phone calls from dealers in my area. Maybe I clicked on something I shouldn't have but I can definitely say something has changed and I don't really care for it.

This absolutely happened to me and it went on for months.  The only way they would stop harrassing me is if I flat told them to stop contacting me.  I should be able to research in peace. 

USAA has been receiving this same type of complaint since September.  I would like to hear from USAA if they are happy with the way the Car Buying Service is working.  USAA please go back to the old Service where we could see the price before being bombarded with phone calls!