Viewing car buying service changes lowers fico score.

Attempted to look at car purchase site on USAAwhich has been updated. It first provided 3 dealerships your name, email and phone number. Before even finished viewing the site was inundated with phone calls, emails and texts from those dealership internet managers and employees. The attack of marketing vultures. One very persistent manager sent a message asking “What’s changed in 10 minutes?” Was still on the site and trying to compare new/used but not able to do so at that time. Will never use this so called service again.
Checked my fico score and it’s 10 points lower in 2 days.
Thank you USAA car service for nothing!


Wow minags! This is certainly not the experience we want our members to have using the USAA Car Buying Service. I've reached out to our subject matter experts to assist me with a review of what's happening. Once we have additional information for you, we will be in contact. -Marisa

Also, to make matters worse, you may choose to use another buying service, and True Car receives a referral in the amount of $400.00 on your behalf. This payment to True Car also diminishes your negotiating leverage. I tried to bring this to the attention of USAA only my concern was sent to True Car. Accountability and transperancy is non existent