Our neighborhood has been suffering from vandalism for months, causing damage to multiple vehicles. On January 22nd, my wife Laura was driving to meet me for lunch in her 2013 Kia Optima with only 39k miles, it continued to stall and stop on the main roads putting her and my son at risk. As I took her vehicle home, I noticed the check engine light was on, I stopped to get it tested. The test came back stating it was the Camshaft Sensor. As I was driving home to get the piece fixed, my car completely stalled and stopped, allowing me to at least pull over on the side of the road. When my roommate and wife went back to the car later that night, they notice sand/dirt around the outside and inside the engine. After having the vehicle towed, the tow driver, my neighbors and I pulled sand up from the bottom of the engine, using a long metal rod. I was advised to put in a claim for vandalism and filing a police report. Katherine Bosman called and took a statement from Laura and the next day took mine. Over a week of putting the claim in, the adjuster, Chad XXXXX finally got in contact with us to look at the vehicle at Gary’s Garage. After Chad drained the oil, he called me to notify me there was no sign of sand and I would have to take care of it at Kia under my Warranty at this point, while we wait for the oil analysis results. That same day Chad took the oil, Laura called Gary’s Garage in Havelock to notify them that a tow will be there shortly to pick up the Kia, to take it to the dealership. The owner Gary continued to stress to Laura how he could not believe the amount of sand found in and around the engine, causing us confusion as Chad just told us there was none. All in the same day, from the oil being drained, to the vehicle being towed to Kia, Jennifer and Mark at Kia of New Bern, calls us stressing the amount of sand they found in the engine, followed by taking pictures and videos. The analysis comes back a week later that there was "only fuel and oil" in the sample, no sign of any other particles, there for USAA declined our claim, stating it was "mechanical failure". I had USAA send me the pictures from the adjuster, were you can clearly see the sand/dirt UNDER the engine cap and particles floating in the oil. Laura went to Gary’s garage to find out exactly what happened the day Chad was there, Gary explained again that there was sand all in the engine, no smell of fuel when the oil was drained, Gary offered Chad the filter in a Ziploc bag to help with testing, as the sand was in the filter from the oil being drained, Chad declined taking the Filter. I reached out to their next level, Rayna XXXXX to find out more information and all she could tell me was it was denied due to "no particles found in the oil sample" even though she was confused herself how there was sand around and under the engine cap. Even though my engine is still under warranty, it no longer qualifies due to the sand. My wife and I are a victim of Insurance fraud, there is no way there was only fuel and oil in the sample, unless the sample tested was not the oil that came from my car. The day the claim was put in, multiple witnesses saw and felt the sand, the day the oil was drained, the owner of the shop witnessed the sand around and in the engine, with no smell of fuel while the oil was drained. Chad was not thorough in his pictures, only taking pictures of the cap and engine, while filled with the oil, why didn’t he take a picture after the oil was drained, he would have seen the same thing Kia took pictures of. Chad was very persistent that there would be no sand in the oil, at the time of draining, even though his pictures show evidence of sand, around the engine and under the cap, how could he be so sure it wasn’t going to be in the analysis. It’s not possible for sand to just disappear from the engine at the time of the oil being drained and reappear when taken to another shop, all in the same day, with the keys going from the shops hands, to the drivers to Kia. We pay a lot a month to be covered and feel protected by our insurance company. Now I just feel I’ve been robbed and left to pay a 10k loan, with nothing to show for it. Thank you USAA for screwing over your military families, who paid each month, on time. I happily took my business back to Geico and I’m even saving over $30 a month. Ive already made a complaint with the North Carolina Department of Insurance and want this complaint to go to Corporate. This Tuesday we will be meeting with our United States Navy Legal Attorney to take further action.