Veteran Approved to Refinance 2015 Lexus GL460 with Ridiculous Interest Rates a 15.6% minimum

So, I purchased a Lexus GL460 from my local Northside Dominion Lexus dealership 2 years ago and had it finance through Toyota financial at 10.5%. I thought It would be a great idea to refinance it through USAA today; who I've been with for over 20+ years and have multiple products. I was so excited that I was approved using their online application tool until I looked at my listed options. Why would you even consider approving a Veteran's application with those ridiculous rates? I would have felt better with a denial, but this is simply ROBBERY! 



Marine0321, we are saddened to read your post.  USAA does consider each loan application on a "case-by-case" basis, and considers the "360" view of your entire credit and account profiles when rendering a loan decision. We consider several factors such as both your USAA and credit profiles, including your debt to income ratio, banking account management, credit score, and history with USAA. However, ultimately, you must credit qualify for the lower rates.  We will be happy to have your concerns reviewed and appreciate you taking time to post to us. 

"Case-by case" Who was the brainchild that approved my application? USAA should not be in the business on making money off Veterans. If USAA can not offer good rates based on my profile/360 view, they should have denied the application, instead, they approved me for a 15.6% best interest rate. I guess USAA thinks I'm desperate, and rather make money off me instead of looking out for my best interest and deny the application. 


I understand your concerns @Marine0321. We have received your previous post and forwarded this on for review. We do ask that you allow us time to review this. Thanks! -Colleen