Very happy with USAA, but how to stop Buying Service notices?

We recently identified to the USAA Buying Service three models we were interested in buying new. And although the dealership we went to was not a USAA certificate place (his partner dlrshp was...), he beat USAA discount. His interest rate was a temporarily lower rate than USAA, so also went with that. I still call all that a win because of my USAA membership. Question: now that the we have received and are happy with the car, is there any way of stopping the Buyer Service notices to us and/or dealers?




Happy to hear you were able to make your purchase with a better rate than what we offered. I will engage the appropriate area to review your request to stop notices from being sent. We will follow up with you as soon as possible. Enjoy your new car and thank you for being a member. - Rhonda

I appreciate your patience, MikeL2013. Congratulations on your new car. Now that you've completed your purchase, you only need to advise the other dealers that you are no longer in the market for a vehicle. Once you've advised them of this, they should no longer contact you or reach out. If they continue, please let us know so we can follow up with them. - Cathleen