Very bad experience on auto loan

Applied with my son on a Thursday for an auto loan. We gave all documentation and everything to USAA I have been a member for over 30 years along with my wife. We have several policies, bank accounts, homeowners insurance, life insurance with them. Our son has been a member for over five years. He also has about $5000 in the bank and we have over 40k in several accounts. We owe nothing on credit cards. Me and my wife both have over 800 in our credit scores. We submitted our application and then they said well we have to wait 48 hours, we’ve never had to wait 48 hours. Then they came back and ask for documentation that already that they already had. After 48 hours they said it had to go to review it was gonna be another 48 hours minimum. We have never had this problem before and waiting for this extreme amount of time. Our auto loans have always been instantaneous within about a minute or two. We went to another Financial institution and they are approved our loan within 30 seconds. The length of time they made us wait and the lack of communication Has had his reconsider if this is a place where we want to do business in the future. We’ve had numerous times where they have not come through before and I’ve had bad customer service with them, and especially with some individuals. They say their pride themselves and their customer service but sometimes I wonder.
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I tried the same thing with them and gave up.  They claim they want your business and then crickets. 

Welcome to USAA whose main goal is to enrich it's CEO and upper management and instill their "woke" beliefs onto USAA.  USAA is obviously not the company it once was.  Shop around.  You can do better than USAA on every product they offer.  USAA knows this to be true because they do not respond to this statement.

Dear @bummed


I am very sorry to hear of the long process during your loan application. I can definitely understand the urgency in receiving a prompt reply and regret that this was not the case in your situation. We will take a look at the situation further to see what occurred. We would hate to lose any future business from you. Thanks again for reaching out and I am truly sorry. - Jesse