Very Very Unsatisfied Customer of 10 plus years - I am ready to leave USAA

My family has been members of USAA for three generations who have served the USA proudly. Every six months for the last two to three years USAA increase my auto insurance policy cost by $30 to $60 dollars and my vehicles keep getting old and higher in mileage. My families driving record is without tickets of any nature and yet each time my cost increase. Each six months I call and ask why my rates have increase and what justification USAA has for increasing these rates. USAA rates have become so costly I have had to put vehicles in storage to save money. It has now reached the point I can no longer afford to stay insured with USAA. Recently my father a long time USAA member passed away. When my mother took my father off the insurance policy her cost increased, and now that my father truck will be taken off my mother’s insurance policy and her insurance cost will increase again. My brother in law and I have had our homes damaged by hurricanes and it took months for USAA to provide funds for our homes to be repaired. Then when we received our funds, they did not cover the cost of our home’s repairs. I had to call multiple times each time I talked to a different person who provided incorrect information. Finally, I called USAA and told them I was going to cancel all my services if they didn’t repair my roof. Bottom line I am tired of the run around. USAA is for USAA and not the people they serve. Maybe someone from USAA will call me and discuss my concerns. More than likely not!


This isn't good to hear @Model A Ford and not how we want or members left to feel in their time of need. I will forward this to the appropriate department for a follow up to ensure we can help make things right again. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and hope we can work together to find the best solution for this issue. - Ralph  

I feel your pain. The reality is the car insurance business overall is somewhat unscrupulous. All State and Geico will give you a low ball premium offer to get your account and then they'll raise it big time either the day before it was to go into effect or after the first 6 months. State Farm is more honest than the rest from my experience. I've had some serious disappointments with USAA. The worst was when I was the victim of insurance claim fraud by a dependent of a USAA member who struck me and then lied about the facts. USAA bought the lie and I suffered for it. I left because of that but then came back. I've concluded that it is a corrupt industry but at least I know what to expect from USAA after 30 years with them.

Hi, I don't know if a lot of customers realize this but you can go into your account and adjust it so that you pay less. for example: if your paying for comprehensive insurance that covers everything including theft you're going to pay a high premium. If you have an older car that isnt worth a lot you don't need theft.  if you're not using your car for work and don't put a lot of mileage on you should list it as personal usage and pay less.  You may also be over insured to cover yourself in case of a lawsuit againt you, but if you don't own a house and there is not a lot they can take you for than you may want to lower your coverage and pay less.  You can do this online without speaking to a representative.  Over time I thought USAA lowers our rates for being a loyal customer.  And I really havent ever found an insurance company with better rates than USAA, so maybe you do need to talk to someone. Good luck.

Hi,  I've had other insurance companies offer a better rate in a letter.  But when I call them to inquire they ask me who my insurance carrier is and when I tell them that I have USAA they don't even ask for my info they say right off the bat that they can't beat USAA's prices.