My jeep was stolen over two months ago. I reported it that same morning. After numerous hour+ duration phone calls and repeated dropped calls (and not being called back) they FINALLY low balled my jeep by about 2000-3000 dollars. HALF of what it's worth... I know this because I know what I paid... and I had looked around the entire Northwest for every '96 Jeep Cherokee being sold hoping to find mine. After sending in numerous vehicles in the middle of the range I believe my car to be worth... and painstaking negotiating... it went up a whopping... wait for it... $500... they basically REMOVED the more valuable cars and added a really really $.h.!.t one to compensate... trying quiet me down. It's not like I'm making a claim for an $80,000 car! It's a Jeep! And they're trying to rip me off and get me the lowest acceptable compensation. I thought USAA was different but they're a typical insurance company and I do not advise ANYONE to use this company. As soon as my claim is settled I will be switching for sure! Now get this... after all that time and effort and trying to get this thing settled... guess what.... they LOST MY TITLE THAT I SENT IN... seriously unprofessional and I am seriously ticked off... I've never left a review before anywhere but this is the worst experience I've ever had with a company. PS - I still haven't been paid


Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your vehicle being a total loss and I hope you were ok from the accident. We would like to have a claims specialist give you a call regarding your total loss claim. Please allow 1-2 business days for them to give you a call regarding your total loss concern. Thank you. 

Hi Andrew, their below standard customer service and payment schedule aside, insurance companies are supposed to look to pay out as little as possible in order to not have to raise rates on their entire base, your claim, along with anyone else's raises the rates for the entire pool you are in, so they have a duty and responsibility to their members to not pay out for everything. With that being said, they don't do a good job, as many on here have stated their rates are going through the roof and I moved away from USAA because of cost, but you must realize that is their job and you can't fault them for that. Now again, you CAN fault them for awful service and failure to pay out quickly so you can be made as whole as possible, but not for trying to pay out as little as possible.