Vehicle with the features & options I want; NOT what is available in my area!

I purchase a truck every 10 years or 200,000 miles, whichever comes first. Therefore it is critical I purchase the vehicle with all the options and features I need. Problem with the buying service is it only offeres vehicles in my area. So features and options are limited to what is on the lot. Since this is a long term investment I do not want to be limited to what is available in my area. I understand I my have to wait for the right vehicle. That is not a problem.


How can I use the USAA buying service to order the truck with the features and options I want? Is it possable to order the truck from the manufacturer website, with the USAA discount, and have it delivered to a local dealer?




@28973978, Thank you for your interest in our car buying service, those are very good questions. I would recommend chatting or calling in to 210-531-8722, and speak with an Auto Loan specialist who will be able to answer those specific questions. Thanks and have a great weekend!  ~Tom