Is it common practice for a vehicle to remain a total loss and unable to change otherwise once it is suspected to be a total loss? I’m in Germany. Car is in a local shop approved by USAA. shop used inflated repair costs for parts and labor, coming in at over $9000 total. I was able to find the same parts for $3000. And was able to get a quote from a shop I found on my own for $5500. However, upon submitting this quote I found to USAA, they told me it won’t change the outcome of my vehicle, but it will be submitted for review.


I'm starting to think that some of these insurance companies are using certain shops to get these inflated repair costs so they can get to that magic number needed to total a vehicle (without doing any research) using their in-house auto values.  You get peanuts (after paying your deductibles). They save on admin/paperwork costs and money--and then come back to you with higher premiums--case closed. What a deal right? Might not make any sense but I wouldn't put it past some of these companies. Just my two cents.



You bring up a good question that would best be answered by an auto claim adjuster.  I see that your request is under review.  I have sent a request for an adjuster to follow up with you.

Thank your for the response, I called with the written quote from the alternative mechanic as discussed with my representative and found out she had went on holiday without informing me, leaving me here still having to pay for a rental car for almost a month through the Christmas holidays. The customer service throughout my claim so far has been slow and insufficient.

My experience with USAA total loss has been a total nightmare.  USAA did not even pretend to care or express condolences, gloated about how it would recover exact $ and cents from two other insurance companies of at-fault drivers.  USAA offered no advice, guidance, or support regarding next steps, consequences of retaining vehicle [other than what USAA would demand for salvage value (term that I learned only from navigating internet wilderness on my own, thanks to no support from USAA)].  USAA has refused to even acknowledge that the only reason I was even driving my own car was bc trying to save USAA rental car costs by waiting for free shop loaner.  Escalated to USAA CEO Office "advocacy resolutions", which committed total loss dept's same insensitive offenses.   I deeply regret wasting past 14 yrs with USAA.   Recommend taking your insurance and other business elsehwere, before USAA is able to add daily offenses to USAA-induced suffering.    

I'm obliged to report USAA CENSORSHIP of public comments over the past week, stemming from direct experience and intense frustration with USAA.  USAA has not been privately "resolving" anything and didn't even pretend to care about any of my previous posts.