Has anyone had a positive experience with a car shipping company they would recommend, or offer any advice I may want to consider when shopping for a good company, hoping to do my due diligence.


Hi.  I came onto this forum to look for the same information.  Just had a terrible experience with Global Auto Transportation.  The quote from Florida to California was $995.  We gave them the date the car would be available for pickup and they said we would be contacted to schedule the pickup after that date.  I am in California and I got a call on a Sunday from a driver that I could not understand because of a heavy accent and very poor phone reception (it was like your worst ever experience at a fast food drive thru).  I could only make out a word or two here or there and after quite awhile gathered that he had been trying to call to arrange pickup for 3 hours and he could not wait any longer.  I tried to reach the pickup location but did not get any answer.  On Monday I called Global about it, was told someone would call me back, but nobody ever called.  The following Monday I sent an e-mail to get the pickup scheduled and though I got a quick response, they wanted another $150 to schedule the shipping.  I reminded them of their quoted contract and told them if they didn't want to reschedule for that, they could refund my deposit and I would go elsewhere.  They refused to refund, I am disputing the credit card charge with USAA, and here I am looking for a referral too.  The ironic thing is that I had read similar stories in reviews of other companies but Global had better reviews so I went with them instead and then had the same problems I read in the bad reviews of other companies!