For years I have sworn that USAA roadside assistance was great..... today has made me change my mind. When I got hung up on the first time while trying to access the texted link, I went through the usaa app. At the end of the request I stated I had 2 boys (9 and 10 years old) with me. Duh! I broke down at their school. I received a call from agero. The agent proceed to argue with me that there are no tow truck companies that could fit me and my boys (I am already stressed out but this shot me over the moon). I get it. Some tow truck companies don't accommodate for more than 1 or 2 people but stuff happens. So I hung up on the agent cuz she was being snotty. I knew for a fact that there was a tow truck company that has a truck that could accommodate that deals with Agero. So when I couldn't get a hold of the truck they were sending out, I called them back. The next rep I dealt with "claims" she reached out to the company I mentioned. But they don't come to this area. My friend who works for the tow company said they would have.

Mind you while I am trying to get this taken care of I have numerous parents driving by asking if I am ok. I have two kids who are trying to understand what is going on. I am stressing out trying to manage everything. The first time I have ever had issues with road side assistance.


It’s disheartening to hear about your frustration using our roadside service. I would like the opportunity to escalate your concerns to a subject matter expert for further review. Please expect contact within 1-2 business days.