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Beware of using usaa when purchasing or financing a vehicle. The negotiated rate for purchasing a new car is still several hundred more than what you can negotiate on your own. It simply provides you a reference point. In our case we purchased a Toyota Highlander for $2100 less than usaa negotiated price. Also usaa will bait and switch you on their loan interest rates. They currently offer 1.99 apr if you use the car buying service but they would only give us 2.99 apr. with credit scores well over 800 and income well over 300k annually we are not Prime customers with usaa. We are looking to move our full business elsewhere. We can beat insurance rates with other companies and many other banks and credit unions will equal or beat usaa fees and rewards. Wife held for over 30 minutes this morning to discuss with a manager finally gave up. Have talked with other senior military personnel who have learned loyalty with usaa is a one way street and have moved to other providers. My wife and I have over 70 combined years with usaa but will begin our transition to other providers. RGP


RGP97HDRK, thank you for reaching out to us in regards to our car buying service. We have responded via your other message and look forward to working with you further.  - Janay

You'll find that loyalty has been a one-way street for some time. Not much to write home about. Found dealership offers to be better than what USAA advertises. You notice I said advertises because you will rarely know what you're going to get until you actually sign on the dotted line. Insurance rates are not that competitive unless you're willing to take a beating by lowering your coverages or increasing your deductible. This might pretty much be my last renewal. Have about 5 months remaining to mine after I changed my coverage to bare minimum to rein in the increases. Have also moved most of my financial business elsewhere. Keep us posted.

Thanks for posting in our Member Community USAF_Ret.  I see that we have provided some options in prior email correspondence after an couple attempts to call you for a policy review.  I would appreciate the opportunity to reach out to you in this regard as you needed some time to consider in going over any changes.  We certainly appreciate your many years of membership with USAA and consider you to be very valuable to us here.  Please do respond back to our secure email or let me know a good time that we can contact you.  Very respectfully  -  Justin

"I see that we have provided some options in prior email correspondence after an couple attempts to call you for a policy review. "


Justin--let me correct your statement by saying that USAA did not provide me with any options to reduce my premium--period. Like others, I received the usual song and dance about premiums (and claims) going up!! I took the iniative to call in and request that USAA cut my covereages (like PIP and other coverages).  USAA had nothing to do with it. Loyalty (30+yrs) and accident/ticket free driving no longer means anything.  I know you guys in customer service have a difficult job trying to answer these comments/complaints. I also know that USAA is in the business of making money--and I'm fine with that--but please don't make it sound like USAA played a major role when it came to my case (Jun renewal).  I had an estimate from one of your competitors which was very competitive but I chose to stay until Nov so I can review my homeowners policy and make a decision on that policy's future as well. Real upset at USAA-No. Very disappointed at USAA--Yes. No need for you guys to waste your time to contact me. There are others who have more urgent needs and your attention. Cheers.

USAF_Ret, I appreciate your response. Since we are continually looking for ways to improve, I would like to thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. It is our goal to provide quality products and superior service to all of our members. Your comments are being shared for review of future product and service enhancements. -Paula

Oh stop the patronizing garbage, USAA. We who have been with USAA for decades know better. Many of us were USAA members when some of you service reps were still in diapers. We've seen the decline in service and increase in rates. Stop responding to us both here in this blog and on the phone when we complain. We don't believe a word of it. If you really cared, you'd just fix the problem. Make the rates competitive again; provide the service you once did; have a real person actually answer the phone when we call; make your call center 24/7 again (USAA members live world-wide, remember?) allow us veterans to appeal to the chain of command. But then we all know those things won't happen, don't we?