Insurance wolves

Fellow military members, don’t fall prey to USAAs deceptive military targeted ads, they do not have your back nor are they a good insurer. They will screw you when you need them the most. Take it from a 20 year customer who was a sucker and bought into their hype. If you have claims you can count on them nickel and diming you to pay you less than your car is worth. If you want good insurance, go check out Liberty Mutual who do full vehicle replacement. While I realize that is not what I paid for with USAA, usaa adjuster down graded my settlement offer because they noted my mechanical as good with the note, dirt, grease and wear. The car accident resulted in the car being in the woods up to the axles in mud. Further, I provided records from my mechanic who has cared for this vehicle for the last decade and substantiate that the vehicle was in excellent mechanical conditon, ie. Regular timely maintenance and replacement of worn parts as identified, yet they told me these records are not good enough and to provide photos of the vehicles mechanical. Let me just pull that out of thin air. Who keeps photos of mechanical? The basis of only good vs excellent mechanical is mileage, which is not an accurate way to determine mechanical condition as I probably replaced $6000 worth of worn parts over the last decade to keep it in excellent condition. But mechanical receipts are not essentially they are telling me to accept their reduced valuation and that I really have no way to appeal. Here is my appeal...I appeal to all of you, go find another insurance company that stands behind their customers. USAA uses our military affiliation to prey on us for their money and then leave us in the Learch when we need them. The “military” discounts/special rates are gimmicks. You get what you pay for, you want to pay less, USAA promises to give you less when you really need them. I will be sharing this message on every social media platform and media outlet willing to listen to ensure none of my brothers and sisters of arms are taken advantage as my family has been. By the way, my claims representative is suppose to be “Christine”, but guess how many times Christine has communicated with me? Zero....I have instead been continuously insulted and talked down to by a representative named “Ricardo”. That some how kept his job even after he gave out my personal information to a third party company with my permission. This company is a joke and I will be taking my business elsewhere.


@Insurance wolves, I am terribly sorry to hear about your concerns regarding your auto claim. I have located your information and I will be escalating this to a subject matter expert to review. Please allow them time to review the situation and reach out to you. Thank you.


USAA social will do nothing to help you.  I, like you, have been very disappointed in USAA lately!

Great Scott this does sound like a horror story!  I can hardly imagine USAA not stepping up to the plate to resolve this problem.  

I've told others that USAA auto insurance is really great -- UNTIL - you have an accident.  In 2002, I think it was, my son had an accident caused by a driver stopping his car at midnight on I-20 east of Atlanta and turning his lights off and exiting his vehicle.  USAA said it was my son's fault ... I quoted a Georgia law that specifies that the owner of a disabled car has a duty to move it or otherwise provide a warning to oncoming motorists.  This guy did neither.  I  asked USAA if they had heard of scams where drivers were leaving autos on the interstate, knowing someone would run into it and total the vehicle.  They were ignorant of both.  BTW, the driver of the vehicle my son hit happend to have several thosands of dollars of camera equipment in the car which was damage.  The case had BS written all over and all USAA wanted to do was to pay the other guy.  My son's insurance just about doubled after being told that the above arguments would be considered.  Back then I noticed that I was being treated pretty well, while my kids' experience was totally different (in a bad way).  A few years later I was hit with the new USAA policy at the time that insured "households" and not individuals.  Meaning if my wife or kids insurance took a hit - every member in the house saw their rates rise as well ---  I challenged USAA about this and they said it was required by Georgia law -- as I researched this, I found out that Georgia law doesn't prohibit this practice -- but that's a far cry from the State law requiring it.  Aside from car insurance, I have had some pretty good experienes with USAA quickly paying for a refrigerator when lightning damaged it and for a computer replacement.  But these are examples where USAA's once great service has really tanked.  

Oh my @lynxgolfer, definitely don't want you feeling like USAA's service has tanked.  I do appreciate you sharing your experience and I'd like review and answer any questions or concerns you may have about your auto policy by sending me a Private Message.  I do look forward to hearing from you and hope to restore the great USAA service to you and your family.  ~ Marco