Buying a vehicle is a really big and hard decision. Took me a year and a half to finnaly purchase a vehicle. USAA offers a discounted APR of .50 if you purchase from certain delears. I remembered I used the car buying service a year ago. So i knew which were the recommended delears from USAA. I contacted the delears and mentioned to them I was a member from USAA. I asked them to verify if they were certified delears and they did. So to my belief i thought I was suppose to purchase from the certified USAA delears to get a discount apr ..which was the whole point, right? Well it turns out you need to print a USAA certificate before you even contact the dealers. Funny thing is I called USAA before my purchase and asked them what it was i needed And failed to mention i needed the certificate. I had also called before even making a purchase to get information. Wish USAA would of been more thorough. So now I’m stuck with a higher APR. Won’t use USAA auto loan/service again, pretty sure i could of recieved a better APR elsewhere. If you are planning on using USAA for your loan make sure to print out your certificate. The “certified” dealer will fail to mention that you need it.


@Mynameis  Thank you so much for providing this feedback. I certainly understand how this could be very frustrating. I want to have a subject matter expert look into this for you. Please allow sufficient time for us to look into this for you.  ~Dana

We printed the page and still did not get the .5 discount. USAA has lost it's concern for keeping customers satisfied. They went from prince to toad.

@hearts usaa, Thank you for posting your concern. I regret to hear that you did not receive the 0.50 % discount. Please note you can save the 0.50% on a new or used auto loan rate with terms up to 72 months when you purchase through the USAA Car Buying Service. If you purchased through the car buying service and the loan did not exceed 72 months, please send us a Private message with the date the vehicle was financed and I'll be happy to look into your concern further. To send a private message, please select your profile name at the top right of the screen and select "My Settings". From there at the top of your screen go to "Private Messenger" and "Turn on Private Messages". After this you can select your name again from the top right of the screen and select the envelope icon to view and send your own private messages. If you prefer, you can also contact us at 210-531-8722 and any loan representative can assist with your concern. Thank you ~Michelle