Unusual car buying situation and financing options

Some time next year I plan on trying to buy a Nissan Skyline. As it stands right now only 1989, 1990 and by the time I'm looking 1991 model years can be legally brought into the U.S. There are some importers that are registered as dealerships and I'm curious if buying from them would be an issue given the car's age. Alternatively being limited by the inventory by these few dealerships and assuming the age of the car is no issue I may end up bringing a car into the country myself from Japan, via an importer or Canada by flying out and driving it back over the border. In these situations would USAA pay out a loan to a US auto importer or to a foreign entity in one of these countries that owns the car? Would I be better off seeking a personal loan to in this instance?


As I understand it a car loan can be used to buy a car from anyone, the loan issuer (USAA) just places their lien on the title, so as long as that transfers to you, it should be fine. Note that you would effectively pay cash to the importer and make payments exclusively to USAA, not through another servicer.

Hi GTR buyer,


There are unique overseas requirements for vehicle financing. I recommend you contact one of our loan specialists at 210-531-USAA (8722) to discuss the overseas requirements. Thank you and good luck on your car purchase!