I have been with USAA for nearly 17 years. It is such a sad thing to see what they have become. They are no longer the once great organization they were. In past times the prcining was not only competetive but with the customer service being top notch, and their refusal to play big politics always kept my loyalty. However, over the past 5 years or so they have taken a turn from bad to worse. The prices are often overinflated when compared to other big companies. Customer service is disreuputable. As a veteran I never hesitated to call for assistance in the past as the staff actually cared to help...now your met with as just a bother, and are quickly dismissed as a problem or obstacle in their way! As Matt Best puts it, thank you for my service! They treat you like your just a thing to be dealt with, sad. Now they also play big politics too, another reason I am taking my business elsewhere, especially because they support abortion and planned parenthood through indirect or material means. Thanks for becomong no different than the rest...sad, truly sad! What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul in the process?


I added my new car to my policy 3 weeks ago and removed the trade in. I was thanked for my 49 years as a member by the polite lady that took my call. After adding my new car, she asked me if I had considered an umbrella policy. I asked for a quote. In a couple of minutes she told me she was sorry, I had been declined because I had one accident and one speeding ticket in the last 3 years. I told her in 49 years I had about 4 auto claims and 3 traffic tickets. She checked with her boss who could not over rule the policy that caused me to be declined . She referred it to a committee and called a few days later. Still declined. So what is my 49 years of membership worth to USAA? NOTHING

@Offended Patriot, this is not how we want how members to feel and do appreciate your 49 years of membership. I would like to look into your experience and have your concerns reviewed. While I cannot provide a specific time, I appreciate your patience while waiting for a response from this area. ~ Joseph

You made the mistake of actually using the insurance you paid for.  Shop around.  USAA can be easily beaten on every product they offer.  I left after 40 years with USAA for a substantial savings.  USAA is NOT they company it once was.

I've been a member since 1997 and I agree with your comment.  Premiums for both auto and home policies have gone thru the roof.  They have gotten too big.  They are no different than any other large corporations.  Of course they need to pay for all the TV advertising they now do.  And you are also correct about customer service.  It was A+ at once but no longer.  I can speak to two agents and recieve two different views.