It's really time to change insurance. My son was hit by another car (who happens to also have USAA) and they totalled our car. USAA is offering us 75% of what it takes to replace the car. It's been over three-months and its still not resolved. Every time we call we get someone different who promises to help and then doesn't. Previously, when we had State Farm, my wife was hit by an uninsured driver. State Farm went out of their way to make us whole and without delay or run around. I am extremely disappointed in USAA and how they've handled, delayed, and ignored our claim. They do not have any interest in making customers whole, only to limit their out-of-pocket costs.


There practices make me very concerned with our property insurance. If something happens to our home and we're treated in the same manner - we would be destroyed financially. We are in the process of changing over insurance companies and would recommend anyone who is considering to signup with them to really think about it.


Hi @Bill212, We're truly sorry to hear about your son's accident and experience and we do hope he is doing well from the accident. It would appear the reduced amount is due to the liability decision. We will place you in contact with a claims specialist who will review your claim and liability before contacting you. Please allow 1-2 business days for the specialist to reach out to you.  Thank you. 

The amount of a total loss payment should have nothing to do with the liability.  If the accident was determined to be 25% his fault, that should not amount to a 75% payout.  The percentage of responsibility, in BOTH insurance companies I worked for, only helped to determine how much one insurance company would be compensated by the other.  For instance, if he was 25% at fault, USAA would only recover from the other insurance company 75% of what it paid.


As for 75% of what it costs to replace a vehicle, keep in mind that insurance is not a "replacement cost" guarantee.  However, the insurance company SHOULD be able to show you other comparable cars at whatever price they are offering.  Keep in mind that is not what they are "for sale" for but what someone actually pays.  In my experience, owners also tend to add considerable value to a vehicle due to emotional/sentimental value.

Same situation happening with me. I was stopped at a red light and was hit from behind at full speed. Car was deemed a total loss. I was disappointed, but knew I could count on USAA. That was a huge mistake on my part! I totally agree when you say that you have talked to numerous people who promise to help you and keep in contact. That has happened several times and I am getting sick of having to talk to a different person and explain the whole situation over. USAA uses a third party company called CCC to evaluate the total loss. Their job is to “recommend” what USAA comps, but USAA will not budge on what CCC recommends. Therefore, CCC (who technically works for USAA) has all the power. Any other department (homeowners, credit card, or a ‘regular’ car accident) seems to be fine, it’s just the total loss department that is a joke. I hope everything works out for you (and myself), but I’m not very optimistic.

@beck23 We have escalated your concerns in a previous conversation.   

Still waiting on that phone call...

Escalation doesn't work. Be warned all USAA policy holders! USAA will act like they care, call you etc., but then you get ignored again and nothing is actually done. They just post here to make themselves look good. Wolves in sheeps clothing. DO NOT TRUST USAA. They are ALL liars. 

Just leave USAA.

Report USAA to your State Department of Insurance. NC DOI and other states have on line reporting process. It may not change USAA behavior, but sure looks bad for CEO. All complaints to State DOI end up in CEO offices. Sad that those who have so much to serve their country get this level of service. USAA started behaving like a publicly trade company and forgot they were suppose to be serving the members.

I am currently experiencing the exact same thing. My daughter was hit and her car was deemed a total loss. We contacted the other drivers insurance company. The driver was not on the policy, but had permission to drive the vehicle. Turns out he was driving on a suspended license and was cited for it. My daughter was not cited for anything. The other drivers insurance called USAA and filed a claim against us. We filed the police report almost a month ago that shows the other party was "at-fault". Yet USAA still has the deductible in force on our settlement offer. 

This accident occured on Decmeber 2. I still have never spoken to our claims adjuster on the phone. I always leave a voice mail and he never returns my call. I alsways call back and speak to a different representative. 

CCC provided comps for 11 cars like ours. Each one was from Hertz Rental Car Sales. Are you kidding me? I am not going to replace my daughter's car with a rental car. But because they are using that for comps, the vehicle values are $3-4K less than what they exact same car is selling for on a dealers lot. I sent in dealer comps on Dec 24 and was told I would get a response back in 3-5 business days. I called on Jan 2 to see where it was, and they said that the Valuation department did not receive those comps, so they were "re-submitted on the 2nd, and I was told it would take 24-48 hours. It is now 5 days later and still no response. 

We were also told that we would have a rental car for use until the claim was settled. After 2 weeks, the rental car company started charging us daily for that rental. USAA stopped paying, even after telling us that we would be covered until the claim was paid. There is no documentation that that USAA has provided as part of this claim that indicated only 7 or 14 days of rental coverage.

Lastly, we had the 20% car replacement coverage. Even with that bump, USAA offering us roughly $2500 less than what we still owe on a car that was only 6 months old, even though they told us that the settlement would get be equal to what we had or for a 1 year newer model.

USAA has dropped the ball on this one. Their dedication to their clients has diminished tremendously in the 20+ years that we have been engaged with them.  

I will be swtiching insurance providers later this month and will also be closing all of my other USAA accounts. Enough is enough.