Underwriting decided not to continue Auto Insurance

Mr. Nickname

I'm very upset at the letter issued from Underwriting on their decision to discontinue auto insurance coverage.  I've been with USAA for 17 years.  I never had an issue with them, and they always took care of me and my family.  I always paid my premiums.  The letter stated that due to my driving record, that I had 3 claims in over 3 years.  Now, you may all say, well you did have the accidents.  Granted yes, life happens and I have been involved in some fender benders.    The letter stated that, all my other insurance products were not affect due to this decision.  So today, I get my home owners renewal policy email, and decided to review it.  I came across a portion of the policy that states:


insurance company cannot use claims you filed as a basis to nonrenew your policy unless:
B you file three or more claims in any 3-year period; and
B your insurer notified you in writing after the second claim that filing a third claim could result in
nonrenewal of your policy.


This is my question:  the Homeowners insurance spells this out.  The auto insurance policy isn't as detailed.  I am wondering does the Auto policy follow in line with the Homeowners policy when underwriting makes the decision?  And if so, did USAA breach the trust, because according to this portion of the policy, they should send out a warning letter after the second claim that filing a third claim could result in nonrenewal of the policy.   I'm going to call policy services to find out.  And go from there.  Obviously USAA has different standards between policys.  I just wish they would of sent a warning letter.  Trying to find insurance now has become a real headache.  I'll remember this in the future.  I think if you treat your loyal customers this way, it does come back to haunt to.  




@Mr. Nickname,  I can understand your disappointment in receiving a nonrenewal of your auto coverage.  I have enlisted the support of our underwriting management team to further evaluate your questions related to the policy language described in your homeowners policy and why it differs for the language found in your auto policy.  Please allow 1-2 business days for a representative to make contact.

I am just hearing this also that I will not be renewed when my policy is set to renew in March. I have been with USAA since 2003 and have had beefs with tickets and other things life has thrown at me over that time period and during the government shutdown to find out that I will have to go somewhere else for insurance is heartbreaking. This whole thing is ridiculous and for the customer service representative to be rude and insensitive to the situation of which I have been presented with was a slap in the face. I will Appeal the decision but if I lose my Auto Insurance then I am ridding myself of USAA completely. 

Hello @Vell Stevo, truly appreciate your 13 years of membership with USAA.  I can certainly understand your concerns and have shared your feedback to the appropriate team for further review.  ~ Marco

Its a hard pill to swallow to have to find another company. If my driving record is an issue with the company that I am already with, what makes you think that it is going to be easy to find somewhere else to go without having to pay more than the norm or reasonable? If my policy is cancelled, why would I want to keep my renters insurance saying that if someone breaks into my house 3 times I might be cancelled. Or if someone steals my wallet three times then now my checking account is under review for lifestyle reasons. Very far fetched scenarios but but not that far from reality as things happen. 28 months total deployment time seems like nothing at this point. 

I would like to be contacted with this information as well. I was just told im not going to be renewed anymore because my city didnt maintain their street and I claimed hitting a pothole which destroyed the front end of my car.

@ pk3, 

I've engaged an underwriting specialist and requested that they reach out to you regarding your concerns.  Please allow 1-2 business days for contact.  Thanks~Mike

@Vell Stevo, I can understand your emotions and concerns when it comes to looking for another company to take care of your vehicles.  Please reach out to our USAA Insurance Agency @ 800-531-8722 to inquire more about another company to quote your vehicles, as you would still be under the same USAA roof for your other policies. I truly appreciate your military service and thank you for sharing your feedback with me today.  ~ Marco

Take all of your business elsewhere.  USAA is not the company they once were.

Did you guys get a resolution for this? This is BS.  it seems like when you have a bad year they will cancel you.  While for the last 10 years before that we didn't have anything.  USAA is going down hill fast.  They were awesome before.