We took our damaged vehicles in for repair on the 23rd of July fully expecting them to start being worked on that day. We find out this week our cars are still waiting on stalls. USAA found that out and told us our rental coverage is now null and void because they weren't directly put into maintenance stalls. So now we're paying almost a grand in rental fees and neither party is willing to work with us. If that was a pretty big part of the agreement, the claims folks and rental folks here at USAA should very well make sure both the customer and body shop know that not just by quickly mentioning it on the phone or within an extremely lengthy document. Losing out on almost a grand because of poor communication is now screwing us over and we only have one vehicle. We can't afford another rental and the body shop doesn't have loaner cars. Our hands are tied and I'm about to lose it. It sucks feeling like this is all our fault even though important details were not boldly outlined. As if damaging a vehicle isn't bad enough.


Hi @Pocahiney, We're sorry if the communication was not clear about the rental being for the repair time of the vehicle only. I will have someone reach out to you regarding the policy and the out of pocket charges to see if there is anything we can do. It would appear there is a delay in getting parts for the vehicle which has caused the repair delay. Please allow 1-2 business days for an advocate to review your claim circumstances and give you a call regarding the next steps. Thank you. 

you are right where they want you, in a pickle... thanks USAA, great service!  read my input for more