I'm an fairly new member of usaa. Obtained membership. Went through the truecar process. All went fine. Sent to dealership. Found car. Done.
Now onto the auto loan process. Filled out auto loan application. Approved up to 50k. Ran my credit. Perfect. Sent to dealership. No issues. Received a call today 8/4 from the finance manager at dealership. Usaa will not fund your loan. Excuse me??? Called usaa. The person could not see an issue. Placed me on hold for several mins. Came back and said there is a hard stop on your loan. What? Why. Then he tells me because I'm not a "full" member I should have never been offered to apply for an auto loan. So not only was I approved from USAA and USAA did a hard inquiry on my credit and I was approved. Now I'm not because according to the rep there was a technical issue. WHAT? I'm floored with usaa. They did not inform myself of any issues and guess what. The loan still shows on my usaa account. The rep informed me he will notify the credit bureaus and reverse the hard inquiry. Ya and? What about the points decreased on my credit score? What about the car I just purchased based on the approval of usaa? What about the embarrassment? What about the lack of communication from usaa? USAA is a joke. I will never do business with you again. And will tell my navy son currently serving overseas to cancel his USAA account.


I certainly understand how frustrating this would be, anthonytech. I've sent a request to a Subject Matter Expert to review this. Please allow sufficient time for the research to be completed. - Cathleen

USAA rarely makes mistakes in these situations. Think hard. Is there a problem buried somewhere in your credit history that didn't pop up on your quick score report?

@45 and counting -  Nice to assume that the member did something wrong - apparently you haven't been reading this site much or you would know that USAA has not had the same level of service these past couple of years.  I have been with USAA for 34 years and loved, loved them until the past 5 years when it seemed like their customer service took a turn for the worse.  Because I have experienced some of USAA's follies these past couple of years, I certainly believe that USAA makes mistakes and struggles to fix them.  


@NSueZ I strongly believe that usaa is paying people to post counter comments on the community board. For a "random" customer to post "USAA rarely makes mistakes in these situations". How would they know? Do they get and auto loan every few months to really know how usaa handles auto loans? They botched my auto loan of course. I ended up refinancing with a credit union I had no relationship with and they gave me a better rate than usaa! There is no doubt that usaa is trying to silence people on this forum because we are saying how usaa truly treats the members who have run into problem situations or hard times (horribly) and actually hold usaa accountable! Desperate times call for desperate measures and usaa horrible treatment and abuse of customers is catching up to them