I have been a  USAA member for sixty years and I can honestly say the have gone down hill in all their  services.

They screwed up my vin number on my car and the state of Georgia threatened to revoke my drivers license saying

my car did not have liabilty insurance.  It was a mess. I   still can't believe USAA is spending milions of dollars sponcering

the NFL on tv when the NFL won't require their players to stand up for the national anthem.  We lost 900,000 men in

world war two and the NFL and USAA don't feel they need to stand for our national anthem. It's a disgrace.









I totally agree with you. They raised my rates because I was involved in too many not at fault accidents and or Rock chips from my windshield. The issue starts from the top leaders who say they're too busy to speak to us because they have too many members and they're too busy caring for themselves you're just a number to them

Leave USAA now and never look back!!