I've twice submitted a one star review of the car buying service describing our experience with them over 3 weeks ago. We bought a used car using the savings certificate issued by USAA. USAA also approved us for a loan for the car. Two days after signing the purchase agreement and bringing the car home, we were informed that USAA would neither honor the certificate nor the loan, and we ended up having to scramble to find a $1700 down payment and new financing. USAA won't publish the review. They also moved two message posts I'd written to obscure parts of the message board, even though they are clearly about the car buying service. I'm not sure why they did this, since its no secret from reading other reviews that they have a habit of not honoring their own savings certificates.  


maracuya, after reviewing your account I see your concerns were addressed with your spouse on 10/21. To discuss further concerns, please reach out to the point of contact on an email sent on 11/03. We want to ensure all your concerns are addressed. Thank you. -Cynthia