USAA will not act in good faith or in your best interest!!!!!

Everyone make note!  I am a 28 year USAA member.  USAA will not operate in good faith or in your best interest when you are involved in an accident with another USAA member.  I have just been told I am 30% responsible for an accident when another USAA member made an illegal right hand turn from the inside lane of a roundabout and now I have to pay my $1,000 deductable.  The police report clearly states the sign at the entrance of the roundabout reads that the inside lane cannot make a right hand turn at the first exit.  The police report calls out that the driver of the vehicle in the inside lane admits to taking the first exit.  The police report calls out the driver on the inside lane for inattentive, careless, negligent, or erratic operation.  With all of this USAA has determined that I am 30% responsible because didn't do enough to avoid the accident.  We entered the roundabout at the exact same time, we are side by side, he turns right when he is not legally allowed to, and I am supposed to have lightning like reflexes to prevent the collision from happening.  USAA has a conflict of interest in these cases and they will not act in good faith and in your best interest inorder to save the $1,000 dudctable.  I hope it is worth it for all they will lose.     


@Arkansas RPh, I am truly sorry to read about your accident and for the experience you've had with the claim. I hope that you and all involved are doing okay. I can definitely understand your frustration and would like to have this reviewed further on your behalf. I've forwarded your message to the best team who will review first thing this morning. -Lori

Lori, I appreciate you doing so.  This entire event has left me with an empty feeling like my best friend has betrayed me.  I spent a week of my vacation time taking care of tasks to move this process along.  I made decisions in order to save USAA money because you are my insurance, my partner.  I had them tow my wrecked truck to my house so USAA would not have to pay a storage fee at the tow yard.  Once the appraisal was done USAA again was going to have the tow company pick my truck up after the body shop was closed and USAA would incur a storage fee, so I had the tow company wait until the next day to pick it up to save the fee.  I sent USAA a satellite view of the intersection.  I went and personally got a picture of the road sign leading into the intersection so USAA could see the other driver made an illegal turn.   I went and paid for a copy of the police report that clearly calls out the other driver for "inattentive, careless, negligent, or erratic operation" as well as has his statement to the fact he made the turn, an illegal turn, and faxed it to you. The police report also finds no fault in anything I did.   I gave you my statement that is exactly the same as the one I gave the police and has never changed.  I did all this because I knew I did nothing wrong and NOW all I want is my 2007 Nissan truck that was bought, used, with money my Dad left to me after he died, fixed.  After all this USAA, my home insurance, auto insurance and financial partner of over 28 years also the insurance partner of both my grown sons has decided because both drivers have USAA as their insurance, USAA will say both drivers have responsibility in the wreck, when there are no FACTS to back that up, just save the cost of one deductible, $1,000.  Currently I feel like a fool for trusting USAA to operate in good faith and not fall prey to the conflict of interest created by both drivers having USAA as their insurance.  I trusted USAA to be fair and do the right thing.   I hope my current feelings are proven false.

@Arkansas RPh, I have escalated your feedback to our Claims Advocacy Team for handling.  When their office reopens on Monday, your case will be assigned to a specialist for further review and handling.  Please allow 1-3 business day for a call. - Ina

Thank you.

So, after numerous calls and emails my claim was reviewed by the Member Advocacy group and they reversed the original decision and I now have no fault in my accident. It shows if you stay diligent enough someone will eventually listen. It should not be this hard but it is good to know they will listen.

Arkansas RPh, 

I see that your claim has been escalated to our Advocacy Team.  I will forward your additional post to them for review.  ~Mike