I have been with USAA since 1989.  I just received quotes from another major carrier for auto and home.  I will also be leaving.  

I will be saving over 1600 a year and with 3 kids in college I'd be foolish not to leave USAA.  


We truly appreciate your longtime membership of 31 years @stormchaser40.  I certainly understand your reasons for wanting to leave, 3 college students is hard on any budget.  If we can help answer any questions or concerns or even review your recent quotes to make sure there is no gaps in coverage, we'd be happy to review them with you as our mission is to secure the financial security of our members.  Even if the coverage is not with us.  Thank you for sharing your experience with us and hope to hear from you soon.  ~ Marco


Yea, this is getting old.  This years Home Insurance increased 10% over last year....and is around 30% more than two years ago.  Dreading what the auto insurance will be which also goes up every 6 months ... though perfect driving record and very good credit history.


Time to start shopping.

Hi, @JJK16. Thank you for your membership. We're certainly concerned to read that this has been your experience, but we understand your position. When were you last able to review your policy with us? ~ Steven

What most insurance companies will not tell you is that they use a credit based scoring model. Most states require this model be used while others use driving history to determine rates. I know for Texas, it is credit based. So it doesn't matter if you only drive 500 miles per year or you make a million dollars a year. If your credit is trashed, expect sky high rates. Longevity with a single insurance company has no bearing on your rates. Any company that says they do not use your credit history/scores to determine your insurance rates are bold faced liars. USAA used to tell me that until I told the rep that he/she was lying and it was BS. Then the truth came out.

Hello sir, I am a insurqnce broker that sells many types of insurance and have had USAA for 3 years now. Please understand that USAA rates are based on the zipcode you live in, vehicle & home type, drivers, your CREDIT and any claims. If you're saving elsewhere then, that's great. You should be shopping your insurance every 2 to 3 years to find the best price for you. It's a lot of work and a pain in the butt. Just pay attention to your limits and learn what they're for and what they cover so you're not under insured. They're not scamming members, this is a business and it has a system of acceptable risks and you pay for that risk. You could say the same darn thing about any company out there. Insurance is increasing and changing! Good luck to you and thank you for serving!

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